Get Ink-Free Apparel in El Paso, TX

Choose us for direct-to-film printing services

Do you have an apparel design idea with intricate details or vibrant colors? Ensure that your design turns out just the way you want by choosing a direct-to-film process. At The Branding Shoppe in El Paso, TX, we can use a special film to apply artwork directly to your apparel and garments. This screen-printing alternative doesn't involve ink, and it can be used with any fabric. Because we use a high-quality film, minute details and colors will be preserved during the application.

Call 915-465-0950 to get a free estimate on direct-to-film printing services.

What makes direct-to-film printing unique?

Customers choose our direct-to-film printing services for all types of requests. This impressive method:

  • Doesn't require material pre-treatments
  • Can be used with various fabrics
  • Works great on light and dark materials
  • Creates a long-lasting design

Turnaround time is about one week from the time we receive the order. Get in touch with us today to schedule direct-to-film services for your garments.